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No matter what type of work you’re in, there’s always competition. Many experts might give you the advice to “find your edge.” The “edge” that they are referring to is, essentially, what separates you from your competition. From your personality to your skill set, finding your edge can help you excel in any leadership role, and in your personal life. There are many ways to pinpoint what exact skills and expertise you have over your competitors. To help you lock in on how to find your edge in the business world, try following these simple steps.

Defining Your Edge

Defining your edge is a separate matter from choosing your edge. Finding or defining your edge is actually quite simple. Think about your skill set; what do you enjoy doing? What do you see as your best assets? Are there topics that coworkers or friends come to you to speak about or give advice on? These are the areas that, once perfected, will help you rise above your competition and stand out amongst your peers.

A recent article on entrepreneurship states that there are several types of edge: technical, domain, and product. If you have a technical edge you’re likely extremely skilled and pay particular attention to your work, whether it be in technology, business, or just connecting with people. Someone with a domain edge will bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the table, likely having many positive connections within their field. Finally, having a product edge means that you are a creative individual that always has a project going on. By honing in on these areas, you’ll be able to truly define where you fit in the edge-spectrum.

Be Humble, Be Honest, Be Smart

Specifically when working in a team setting, being confident in your skill set can come off as being cocky if not executed in the right way. A great article from Driven Professionals suggests being humble, honest, and smart when showing your edge. By staying aware of your strengths you have the chance to empower others instead of leaving them behind. With this attitude, your colleagues will come back to you for advice again and again. Management and competitors alike will notice this, only further defining your edge.

There’s Only One You

It might sound cliche, but there is one area that you will always have over others: there’s only one you. Being confident in yourself and your skill set will take you far, but recognizing that no other person can have the edge that you have will propel that confidence even further. Sometimes to be successful you have to find a need and fill it. If you’re noticing an area in your business that consistently isn’t working, explore what aspects of your edge can help to solve it. You might just be able to take that newfound solution and spin it into a business of your own.

Every woman and man in every sector of business will have skills they excel in and skills they need to develop. It’s important not to focus on falling short in certain areas. Take stock of what you can bring to your situation and confidently move forward with your edge leading the way.