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In 2013, a survey revealed that business owners were among the most health-conscious people in America. Four years later, and the health levels of all Americans in general was on the decline. Entrepreneurs are not immune to this trend. Whether it’s the stress of starting a new business, or the everyday chaos of being a full-time entrepreneur – it’s tough to maintain healthy habits. Here’s 5 tips for a great well-being as an entrepreneur.

1) Vitamins

This one makes the list because it’s a simple solution that can be applied right away.

However, there’s a twist. This isn’t about just taking a vitamin pill.

Studies show that the pill is not the best way to take vitamins because the body can’t absorb all of the nutrients. Instead, there’s now vitamin patches, that allow the body to absorb as much as ninety percent of the vitamin. This simple solution can greatly improve an entrepreneur’s health.

2) Testing Foods

Being gluten-free isn’t a trend. It’s a display of modern medicine pin-pointing a body’s reaction to something.

Entrepreneurs should make sure they’re not allergic to things like gluten, fish, dairy, and other foods. There’s devices, like the Nima Gluten Sensor that can help. Or, just paying attention to how the body reacts to certain things can make a big difference.

3) Stay Active

Being in an office all day makes this tough, but it’s still possible. Options include hourly stretching or having “walk-and-talk” meetings. There’s also products, like the Varidesk, that help. This is an adjustable desk that allows the user to switch between sitting and standing.

4) More Time to Work Out

Entrepreneurs are always busy. Sometimes too busy to work out.

But with the help of Goodwipes, they won’t have to worry about making time to shower at the end of a workout. These wipes leave someone feeling as clean as a shower – in seconds.

Use this product to have some extra time to extend a workout.

5) Eat Out Less

Home foods are not just healthier, but cooking in the home is shown to increase happiness.

And now, there’s companies that send you exact ingredients and recipes to make it possible in 30 minutes or less.

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s hard to make time for anything but work. But by using the tips on this list, entrepreneurs can improve their health and happiness – without wasting time.