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About Tonja

Tonja Demoff is a highly acclaimed entrepreneur, author, and speaker who reflects on the highs and lows of her own professional journey in order to help others find success and fulfillment!

On staff at Virtual Real Estate Consulting group, Tonja has distilled the important lessons she has learned in multiple sectors over the years. From real estate investor to military member to author to trainer and entrepreneur, Tonja has worn a lot of hats over the past 20+ years — and she has derived important insights from each experience in her career.

Tonja Demoff shares her lessons and her personal philosophies not only with her colleagues, but with people around the world via her own influential books and seminars. She created her own work system, “The Entrepreneur’s Edge,” in order to help budding entrepreneurs pave their own way in the fast-paced business world and find that “edge” that places them a cut above the rest.

IdeaMensch Interview with Tonja Demoff

“Passion breeds action, be passionate and action will follow.”

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In Tonja’s eyes, she did not “become” an entrepreneur — she has always simply felt that she is an entrepreneur, and it’s all a matter of taking the right steps and learning the right lessons to truly become your own boss! As she’s paved her own way in the world, she has discovered exactly what people must do (or not do) in order to achieve the highest possible level of success. Now, Tonja Demoff focuses on sharing what she’s learned with others and helping them change the way they do business.

Thank you to Tonja for your inspiration. The Entrepreneurs Edge program is awesome!

I really have “the edge” now and my business is going in the best direction possible.

My life has changed since I attended the Entrepreneurs Edge training program!

Tonja has delivered her entrepreneurial insights both in seminars and in book form. Now she’s taking the next step toward another outlet: this blog!

Keep checking back for new posts by Tonja about how to define your goals, how to get started in business, when (and who) to ask help, and much more. Tonja will also soon be featured in an anthology called “Star Entrepreneurs” as well — stay tuned for updates!