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Entrepreneurship is a tricky thing. It’s not something that can truly be taught, but it almost invariably requires guidance and advice along the way, and that advice can be found in spades. It’s easy to find advice on hiring a team, seeking capital, and any other aspect of growing a company from the ground up. On top of all of the business advice that you’ll hear as an entrepreneur, there are also some words of wisdom that you as an individual should take to heart to help you personally grow as you help your business grow.

  1. Allow yourself to become comfortable in your vulnerability

Life can be scary and, when you’re trying to grow a business, it can be even scarier. Instead of fighting these fears, lean into them. Sure, it’s safer and more comfortable to confine ourselves to our areas of comfort, but complacency offers no room for growth. Take the risk; make the jump. Push your boundaries, test yourself, and stop playing it safe in life. Let yourself revel in situations that challenge you and force you to confront your weaknesses.

  1. Reframe failure as success

Failure. Even just the word carries a negative weight to it. We look at failures as hindrances, things that hold us back and burdens that weigh us down, and it’s the way that we’re perceiving these so-called failures that’s allowing them to do just that. What if, instead of viewing failures as failures, we viewed them as lessons? Instead of seeing our mistakes as missteps, we saw them simply as steps on the path in the right direction? Failures only become failures because we allow them to be. Instead of being so hard on yourself, treat everything as an opportunity for growth.

  1. Stay true to yourself

Entrepreneurship can be an all-consuming journey to embark on, but it’s important that you don’t looks sight of what else in your life holds importance. Life requires balance. On top of your job, there are also family and friends in your life whose relationships need attention, too, not to mention your own mental and physical health. Instead of giving all of yourself to just one of your commitments, learn to balance things. While there will certainly be aspects of your life that take priority at a given time, make sure no one thing is constantly overshadowing the others.