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New entrepreneurs and business owners can avoid a lot of headache and heartache by learning the common mistakes that are made when they first start their new journey. Working for yourself where you make all of the decisions is a difficult task. The pressure of making money when you’re first starting your new company can often lead new business owners down a path of fear and frustration. Here are the top three common mistakes new entrepreneurs should avoid in 2018.

Unfamiliar With the Industry

If you’re not a current customer within the industry that you are looking to start your business in, then you’re still unfamiliar with the topic and pain points of those specific consumers. It’s not enough to read a few books about the industry and feel like you are an expert in the topic. Knowing the customer in that specific industry is essential to building products or services that will serve them best and also make you money. If you’re not a current customer, it also means that you don’t have a genuine interest in the topic and motivation will easily decrease as the challenges of new entrepreneurship set in.

Losing Track of Finances

If you’re not an accountant, it’s easy to lose track of finances quickly when you’re the only one minding the cash. Spending too much money, spending too quickly, not saving enough or hiring too many unnecessary people contribute to easily losing track of cash. If you can afford it, hire an outsourced bookkeeper who will manage your finances for a few hours a month. Or use an accounting software to help keep track of finances. And make sure to save enough for taxes every month.

Not Working for Other Startups

The best way to get an idea of how entrepreneurship will actually be like without diving head first into it is to work for other startups. Seeing how other business owners cope with problems, how the startup secures funding and how the young company runs its day-to-day operations is like receiving training for your future entrepreneurial endeavor. This on-the-job training for your future company is invaluable insight into the inner workings of what to expect for your own startup journey.

Keep in mind these three common mistakes that new entrepreneurs make so that your 2018 business journey will be a success by end of the year.