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Don’t get me wrong: entrepreneurship is hard work. It is a full-time job on top of another full-time job that eats up most of your days most weeks. However, being hard work doesn’t negate the fact that entrepreneurship is also an exciting adventure that also offers a lot of advantages along the way.

If you’re considering taking the big leap and becoming an entrepreneur, allow me to shed some light on some of the amazing ways in which entrepreneurship can make your life better.

  1. Being In Control

Typical 9-5 jobs don’t offer much in the way of taking control of your work and the job you’re doing. In entrepreneurship, however, you’re in charge of everything — until you delegate someone else to take on a task, you are where the decisions stop and start. While this can certainly be scary to think about, it’s also liberating to be able to call all of the shots and build your vision as you see it.

  1. Physical and Psychological Health

Most employees across America report feeling not only physically exhausted from doing their jobs but also mentally exhausted. While the feeling of exhaustion won’t be going anywhere in entrepreneurship, instead of feeling mentally and emotionally drained at a job you don’t care about, you’ll be exhausted from helping to actualize your dreams. The deeper satisfaction that comes from running a business is highly gratifying. It increases the level of happiness in the life of an individual and enhances psychological health.

  1. Having a Wealth of Knowledge

One of the most difficult aspects of entrepreneurship is figuring out how to juggle all of the hats that you need to wear and even how to wear them in the first place. Since you’re the one making decisions and taking charge, you also need to be informed and familiar with the material at hand to make said decisions. You need to have a little bit of law, manufacturing, sales, marketing, social media, and design experience all rolled into one; like Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Poor Dad Rich Dad, has said, an entrepreneur has to know a little about everything.

  1. Being More Accountable

In a typical job, as long as you meet the deadline, you can pack up and go home. However, in entrepreneurship, every effort directly influences the outcome. You are no longer an employee — you are the boss. You have to be accountable for every step towards developing the business which is the reason most people say that entrepreneurship is a 24-hour job. Some people may consider this to be more of a stressor than an excitement, but being held accountable for your actions can add a sense of excitement that you don’t feel when there’s always someone else to fall back on when you make mistakes.

  1. Becoming More Empathetic

If you spend too long in a management position, it’s easy to become removed from and forget how stressful the daily grind can be. However, entrepreneurship puts you back into the position of actually having deadlines to work with and multiple tasks you need to continually balance. It also sets you up in a great position for when you start hiring employees; with a fresh mindset on how stressful running a business can be, you’ll be able to more clearly understand where they are coming from and what they’re dealing with.