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There’s a lot to be learned in school. But one thing that isn’t taught is how to be a successful entrepreneur. To become one, it’s better to be practiced than taught. This is shown by how many of the most successful entrepreneurs are college, or even high school, drop outs. Below are five ways to become a successful entrepreneur – that you’ll only learn from experience.

1) Don’t Worry About Impressing Others

In school, students try to impress everyone from their teachers to your classmates. In the real world, an entrepreneur only needs to impress themselves. The entrepreneurial road is challenging, and while many doubt an up-and-comer, the successful entrepreneur continues to impress and improve themselves.

2) Potential is Limitless

In school, there was always a clear end-goal. This could be final exams or a long research paper. But for entrepreneurs, there is no end goal. There is always more that can be accomplished. They may dream of selling their company, and achieve this dream, but this is not the end. For example, they can go on to create another company, consult, or invest. Potential is limitless.

3) Take Big Risks

School is a comfortable environment structure where there’s no need for risks. If a student does is they’re told and puts in effort, they succeed. On top of this, they’re not even taught to take risks. Entrepreneurs are the complete opposite. Risks are a must. They may fail many times over before the big pay-off.

4) Enjoy the Ride

Entrepreneurship is a long process that requires consistent effort. But with this process comes rewards – like lifelong relationships, experience in different fields, and highs and lows. Even when an entrepreneur hasn’t made it just yet, they should still reflect on their journey and appreciate their small accomplishments.

5) Anything is Possible

If someone follows the traditional path, they get a degree, and work in that field for fifty years. In entrepreneurship, you can change fields at the drop of a dime. Embrace this freedom and adapt to the changing world around you.

School may give students fundamental knowledge, but it doesn’t motivate them to apply the tips in this article and pave their own path. If someone wants to be an entrepreneur, they’ll have to practice to succeed.